Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Trouble with Tea

I’m drinking tea right now. Mint tea, generic, “borrowed” from the university cafeteria. I also have some generic green tea bags, and a box of Stash Fusion Green & White. (The box was pretty.)
So, well, the problem would be that I don’t like tea. The terminology is important; I didn’t say that I dislike, hate or love tea. I simply don’t like it. My feelings toward tea are entirely neutral. It’s bland, especially since I don’t put anything in it (I’m not looking for calories, thanks). And, yes, I’ve tried many different brands and flavors over the years. I just don’t like tea!
And yet I partake in this so-fancy-it’s-mundane tradition. Why? Drinking helps fill you up without calories, which is great for dieting. You can drink water, yes, but tea is good for you, and has a taste. I don’t know how tea is good for you, but it is. I drink at least four tall glasses of water a day, and at least one mug of tea or hot cocoa. Alternation helps with that whole “without calories” idea.
Tea: it’s boring. I don’t like it. It’s good for you. I’m a poser?

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