Thursday, September 29, 2011

Bury Your Lesbians

On the TVTropes wiki, there is a page titled “Bury Your Gays.” In short, it’s about how homosexuals on television get the short end of the stick, usually resulting in death. Examples include LostSupernatural and, as I’ll explain, House.
I’ve just started watching House; my last episode watched was the fourth. So, I was watching and enjoying it (besides from the utter terror of every surgery scene), and was happy when there was a lesbian couple. Like, woah! Lesbians! On television!
And then their baby died. The baby of the straight couple that caused the illness of the episode got to keep their baby. Granted, the straight couple didn’t know that they were the cause, but still. Screw you, House. It’s not like it’s expensive, awkward and painful to figure out which mother gets to have a child and then raise it, while potentially not even being married due to Christian fanatics.
I’ll still watch House, but know that I’m pretty miffed.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Trouble with Tea

I’m drinking tea right now. Mint tea, generic, “borrowed” from the university cafeteria. I also have some generic green tea bags, and a box of Stash Fusion Green & White. (The box was pretty.)
So, well, the problem would be that I don’t like tea. The terminology is important; I didn’t say that I dislike, hate or love tea. I simply don’t like it. My feelings toward tea are entirely neutral. It’s bland, especially since I don’t put anything in it (I’m not looking for calories, thanks). And, yes, I’ve tried many different brands and flavors over the years. I just don’t like tea!
And yet I partake in this so-fancy-it’s-mundane tradition. Why? Drinking helps fill you up without calories, which is great for dieting. You can drink water, yes, but tea is good for you, and has a taste. I don’t know how tea is good for you, but it is. I drink at least four tall glasses of water a day, and at least one mug of tea or hot cocoa. Alternation helps with that whole “without calories” idea.
Tea: it’s boring. I don’t like it. It’s good for you. I’m a poser?